“We are your Tech-Enabled Pharmaceutical Procurement Partner”

About Kessington Health

We Empower Healthcare Providers by providing an easy to use Pharmacy Medication Record & Procurement platform (PMR) to source all the medications, consumables, and small medical devices.

We eliminate stock risks by helping healthcare providers with stock financing options. You pay for stock only when you dispense to Patients. Buying in bulk for healthcare providers in our network helps us cut over 30% in the cost of medicines. With over 16 NAFDAC registered private-label medicines, we eliminate over 40% margins in the supply chain for frequently dispensed OTC and Ethical (prescription only) medicines.

We are at the fore-front of ensuring patients get affordable, genuine pharmaceutical products from their healthcare provider. With access to over 7000+ products; they are always at your fingertips with a 24 hours delivery timeframe for specialty/ hard-to-find medicines.

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